Steve Boxall

DATE OF BIRTH: 16 May 1987, Canterbury, Kent.
BRITISH CAREER: (2002-03) Rye House II; (2004-05) Rye House, Rye House II; (2006) Rye House; (2007) Rye House, Poole; (2008) Belle Vue; (2009) Newcastle, Belle Vue, Poole; (2010) Somerset; (2011) Rye House; (2013) Kent; (2014) Rye House; (2015) Lakeside, Rye House; (2016) Plymouth.
MAJOR HONOUR: Conference League Riders’ Champion: 2005; National League Riders’ Champion: 2013.
CLUB HONOURS: Four-Team Championship winner: 2003 [Rye House II]; League Championship winner: 2005, 2007 [both Rye House]; Premier Trophy winner: 2005 [Rye House]; Premier Challenge Trophy winner: 2012 [Rye House].
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