Boxall Passed Fit

Boxall Passed Fit Plymouth Devils No.1 Steve Boxall raced home to Kent at the weekend for extensive physiotherapy and manipulation on his injured back muscles arranged by his father Dave .
He has been troubled by the back problem since pulling muscles in the Devils home clash with Stoke on June 9th and has been clearly riding through the pain barrier ever since. Last week in the clash with Cradley at Birmingham he started the meeting dropping just one point in 3 rides before the back began to seize up. He ended up pulling up in heat 13 after initially being on a 5-1 with Adam Roynon and was not considered for heat 15.
But the treatment he has had in his native Kent has relieved the pain and he is moving about without any problem. He explained, “ I have had problems since I pulled the muscles and at home at Plymouth despite being in some discomfort I have battled on . Away from home the main problem has been being sat in a van for hours as I then stiffen up and clearly have not been riding like I know I can . The treatment dad sorted for me was amazing and once I got back to Cornwall I was in touch with Mark and Laurence . Mark came to see me and I prove to him I was fit. I know they had a guest lined up for Thursday but I am definitely riding.”
Co-Promoter Mark Phillips commented, “ After the Cradley meeting where we should have won we looked at the situation and Laurence booked Buxton’s Max Clegg as a guest. However Steve made a big effort to get himself sorted and I went to see him on Tuesday morning and basically gave him a fitness test of my own so he could prove he was fit. We need Steve to be firing on all cylinders on Thursday as it will be a tough one against Belle Vue but I was happy at his fitness so we have had to tell Max he is now not needed but thank him for accepting this and being willing to ride for us and if we can use him on another occasion we will.”