Sprockets V Devils Preview

Sprockets V Devils Preview

The Plymouth Devils complete their National Trophy fixtures in a relaxed mode with their visit to Swindon not having any bearing on the outcome of the mini-league.

With their place in the Trophy Final guaranteed the Devils have no pressure on them and naturally would like to end with an unbeaten record in the competition but will tell their riders to go and enjoy their meeting.

Having beaten Isle of Wight home and away plus Swindon at home they have 10 points on the board and even if Swindon win they will only reach 9 . They secured their final spot in the last away clash at the Isle of Wight where their 8 point win gave them the maximum 4 points .

The Devils are not at full strength missing No. 1 Steve Boxall with back muscle problems, Rob Parker with a 9 day ban after suffering concussion at Lakeside, whilst Henry Atkins is unavailable for family reasons. Boxall has been receiving treatment at a football club on his back and is hoping to be back on Friday in the Devils home clash with Isle of Wight.

Stoke’s Luke Priest steps in for Boxall, 16 year old William O’ Keefe for Parker whilst rider –replacement will be used to cover Atkins’ rides.

Swindon have been able to put a squad together, initially with in the league’s 39 point limit, from riders whose clubs have not entered the National Trophy. This Select side have proved to look a strong one on paper with most having increased their starting averages although they have lost skipper Darryl Ritchings , who has retired from racing.


Swindon : 1. Zach Watjknecht (Lakeside) . 2. David Wallinger (Stoke). 3Dan Greenwood (Cradley). 4. Layne Cupitt (Birmingham). 5. . David Mason (Birmingham). 6. Taylor Hampshire (unattached –was Kings Lynn). 7. Lewis Whitmore (unattached –was Kings Lynn).

Plymouth :  1. Luke Priest.  2. Richard Andrews.  3. Benji Compton.  4. R/R Henry Atkins. 5. Adam Roynon. 6. William O’Keefe. 7. Callum Walker.