Mildenhall 54 Devils 35

Mildenhall 54 Devils 35

The Plymouth Devils had a tough afternoon at Mildenhall going down 54-35. They track was very heavy in the early heats with experienced riders having problems turning before the Devils requested the referee to come down and inspect the track after heat 5.

After a discussion in the changing rooms with referee Ronnie Allan along with the trainee referee remedial was ordered by him to sort the surface out.

The track improved as did the racing after this although the home side were in the driving seat leading by 31-17 after heat 8  and the Devils had no answer to that really.

Adam Roynon had three fine heat wins before gaining an exclusion in heat 13 when he laid the bike down when it looked like Connor Mountain was going to fall and although he cleared the track the red lights came on . The race was re-run but the drama continued as Steve Boxall was excluded for going to the line the wrong way and went off 15 metres handicap then home man Mountain blew his engine up and was replaced by Danno Verge.  Boxall passed Verge and set off after Dan Halsey , who fell on the last bend giving Boxall the heat win in a bizarre race .

Devils captain Benji  Compton commented, “ I was just pleased that every rider went home safe. The track was dangerous until we insisted that work was done on it. I honestly believe had this not happened someone could have been badly injured. We must thank the referee for coming down and discussing it with us and common sense prevailed in the end. “

MILDENHALL 54: Danno Verge 11+3, Connor Mountain 11, Dan Halsey 10+2, Jon Armstrong 9+2, Luke Ruddick 8, Lewis Whitmore 5+2, Jordan Jenkins r/r.
PLYMOUTH 35: Steve Boxall 13, Adam Roynon 9, Benji Compton 7, Henry Atkins 3, Robert Parker 2, Richard Andrews 1, Saul Bulley 0.