Isle Of Wight 41 Plymouth 49

Isle Of Wight 41 Plymouth 49

The Plymouth Devils have reached the National Trophy Final with a 49-41 win at the Isle of Wight on Thursday night to remain unbeaten in their section gaining the four points they need to put themselves in an unassailable position.

They travel to Swindon next Thursday now (June 8th) for the final meeting in the section knowing that whatever happens they have a Final to look forward to.

They started in the best possible way with a 4-2 and 5-1 heat win in the first two races and never looked back although a re-run heat 13 saw the home side put pressure on the Devils but Callum Walker and top scorer Henry Atkins ensured victory on the night with a maximum heat win.

Steve Boxall then secured the place in the final by his second spot in heat 15 as that what was exactly needed .

16 year old Henry Atkins had his best ever return with paid 14 including a vital second spot when coming in for skipper Benji Compton who had bike troubles and didn’t make his third ride. He then borrowed Richard Andrews’ bike for heat 13 but had a coming together with Warriors No. 1 Ben Wilson, one of his best friends , and took an ambulance ride back to the pits with a knee injury but had it strapped and was walking around after.

Team boss Laurence Rogers was  a happy man with the result, “The boys did their jobs tonight and every point counted . Steve knew what he had to do in heat 15 to secure our place in the final and did just that. “

ISLE OF WIGHT 41: Liam Carr 12+1, Ben Wilson 12, James Cockle 10+1, Chris Widman 5, Jamie Sealey 1, Alex Spooner 1, Jamie Bursill (No8) 0 Tyler Govier r/r
PLYMOUTH 49: Henry Atkins 12+2, Steve Boxall 12, Callum Walker 8+1, Lee Smart 6+2, Benji Compton 5, Richard Andrews 4+1, Robert Parker 2+1
National Trophy points: Isle of Wight 0 Plymouth 4