Eastbourne 64 Plymouth 28

Eastbourne 64 Plymouth 28

The Plymouth Devils knew they were in for a tough night on a very technical track at Eastbourne on Saturday against  side whose combined average , which had to be under 39 at the start of the season , had increased to 56.52!!

And a tough night it turned out to be as they went down 64-26 to the high flying Eagles despite all their efforts. Steve Boxall included three heat wins in his 12 point return from 5 rides whilst skipper Benji Compton put in 200% effort in all his rides for 5 points with bike problems in his last two outings.

Young Henry Atkins looped it at the gate in his first ride coming down heavily on his back and clearly struggled in his other two rides being in pain before being withdrawn from the meeting. Richard Andrews had carburettor problems before the meeting even started not having altered anything after his paid maximum at him the night before and despite constant work in the pits didn’t rectify the mystery problem .

All in all it was a frustrating night summed up by team boss Laurence Rogers, “ It just wasn’t our night. We knew how strong they are at home but we never really got going despite non-stop work in the pits . We will just this one behind us and look forward to Thursday night when we go to the Isle of Wight for a Trophy clash.”

“We were due to face Kings Lynn in a league match at home next Friday but they have unfortunately withdrawn from the league this weekend. I have looked at switching another league match but it is late notice really. Mark and I are looking at our options of what to run as we want to keep the continuity of weekly meetings going and we may try to organise a normal 15 heat encounter against a National League select side and will announce details asap but there WILL be a meeting on Friday.”

One  definite fixture change sees the visit to Lakeside brought forward to Saturday 17th June from Friday 30th June saving the club having three meetings in three days.

EASTBOURNE 64: Matt Bates 11+3, Connor Coles 11+2, Mark Baseby 11+1, Tom Brennan 11+1, Georgie Wood 11, Charley Powell 9+5, Kelsey Dugard 3.
PLYMOUTH 26: Steve Boxall 12, Benji Compton 5, Callum Walker 3, Robert Parker 2+1, Lee Smart 2, Henry Atkins 1+1, Richard Andrews 1.