Steve Boxall To Spearhead Devils

Steve Boxall To Spearhead Devils

With a massive 22.58 remaining to fit in the final three riders in the 2017 PLYMOUTH DEVILS side the promotion have brought back one of the side’s 2016 riders in Steve Boxall.

He joins the four announced at the highly successful fans forum on Thursday  night of Henry Atkins , Callum Walker, Richard Andrews and Lee Smart along with number 8 Saul Bulley.

Boxall had a solid season in Devils colours in 2016 averaging 5.15, which converts to a National League figure of 10.30. He is a twice League Riders’ Champion having won the  2005 Conference League title and the 2013 National League title.

Team Boss Laurence Rogers is happy at his capture, “ With points to play with we were considering various options of using the 22.58 we have left for three riders. We had to take into account riders who could be snapped up for higher leagues and we would end up losing them. Steve really wanted to be back at the St Boniface Arena where he really enjoyed his season last year. Credit to him where it is due as he has signed to agree to ride solely National League for us. That is dedication.”

“He will be one of the best riders in the league I am sure and give us a solid top man. The side is really coming together now and with 12.28 left Mark and I are now busily considering various riders to complete our side , which we aim to have a team capable of challenging for honours in 2017.”

Steve is really looking forward to being back, “ I loved being at Plymouth last year and felt I was really getting back to the form I know I am capable of . Although I crave for racing in the higher leagues I see this as an option where I can give this club a lot and help us to be up there with a good chance of glory. The side is looking good and they are a great bunch of lads . I can’t wait for the new season now!”