Devils Frustrated By Meeting Call Off

Devils Frustrated By Meeting Call Off

The Plymouth Devils exciting National League clash with reigning champions Birmingham Brummies was called off by referee Darren Hartley an hour and a half before the start time on Friday night.

The call off has angered the Plymouth promotion who had patiently watched the weather forecasts and had packed the track in to ensure a solid surface early on Friday morning. There were some showers in the afternoon but the track was clearly solid and only needed some remedial work to ensure the clash went ahead.

A track inspection by the referee accompanied by the two captains and the clerk of the course saw a common wish to wait for the drizzle to stop , which it was forecast to and then do some track work and get the meeting on.

The referee though decided the meeting was off and was not willing to wait and this angered the Plymouth promotion.

No new date has been agreed for the re-staging plus the two sides meet in the next round of the K O Cup and these fixtures also need slotting in the schedule.