Fitness Checks For Devils Top 2

Fitness Checks For Devils Top 2

After missing last week’s Cup clash with a knee injury sustained in the first leg the night before new Devils skipper Benji Compton is having daily treatment and physiotherapy to ensure he is passed fit to ride in Friday’s clash with Cradley.

Compton was ruled out by the medics prior to last week’s clash with knee ligament problems despite wanting to ride, “ I really wanted to ride but the medics declared me unfit which was a pity but they know what they are doing. After a late night drive back to Cornwall we had been up early preparing the bike and I was all prepared from that angle.”

“Those who saw me limping around last Friday will see that I was in pain but had they declared me fit I would have been out there doing my bit for my club. All credit to the lads as they knuckled down to cover my rides and secure a great win to ensure we progressed to the quarter finals of the cup to meet Birmingham…..but it was frustrating just watching and not riding.”

“I am having daily treatment on the knee and should be fit to ride on Friday when we have a very tough league match against Cradley.”

Devils top man Steve Boxall is receiving daily treatment to the burns he received at a BBQ on Saturday that forced him out of the British Championship Semi – Final at Newcastle on Sunday.

The Plymouth No. 1 , unbeaten on his home track so far this season and with a new track record last Friday is determined to be declared fit to ride in a tough League clash for his side at the St Boniface Arena in Friday.

Boxall wants to keep up his unbeaten record, “ I am really enjoying my racing this year and want to maintain that 100% home record but know I will have some tough races on Friday with the likes of Danny Ayres and Tom Perry. The burns are naturally sore but I am getting regular treatment and expect to be able to get my racing gloves on for Friday.”

“I was after the track record and knocked a fair bit off the old one so that is one thing achieved. I was gutted at missing the meeting at Newcastle. They say best laid plans don’t always work . We went straight up north after Friday’s meeting to stay at Benji Compton’s. My mechanic Tristan Orchard worked on the bike in readiness on the Saturday and we were having a chilled evening before a short trip to Newcastle.”

“Then I burnt my hands on the BBQ and spent a restless night with the pain. I waited till 10.30 on Sunday morning before trying to get my racing gloves on but realised that I couldn’t so reluctantly rang Laurence (Rogers) to get him to pull me out of the semi-final , giving them enough time to sort  a replacement.”

“I was really looking forward to racing in the meeting and getting through to the British Final but instead it was back in the van to Cornwall . Definitely not what we had planned.”