I had gremlins before the meeting even started with Dad and the other mechanics changing carby’s , ignitions and I went out on parade without a bike but they got it going so Dad rushed it round. But it was still not right all night and to make matters worse for me personally I smashed my phone after heat 14 when it fell on the floor!! Not my or the team’s night.

Smarty was having problems too and again the lads and mechanics were all in there helping ..which was great to see. We have amazing team spirit that goes right through the camp and this will pay off I am sure with results .

Steve nearly got his second successive maximum but missed the gate completely in heat 15 but got through to second to end on 14 points ……he is going to take some beating in this league this year and that is good for the team to have a top scorer in our ranks.

Then on Friday it all went wrong as we lost out to Eastbourne who had brought their gating gloves with them . Steve notched a second successive home maximum and has dropped just one point in 14 rides so far !! Benji  is getting back to full racing fitness and featured in some great battles but for the rest of us it was a night to forget for sure and one none of us want to repeat.

I had one better ride I my last one in heat 14 denying Tom Brennan his maximum after Laurence did all he could to get my spirits up and get me going after a head to head chat in the pits. His job on nights like this gets even harder but he does all he can with each and every one of us to get us going but on a night like last Friday we let him and you the fans down. That is something we do not want to do and hopefully on Friday we can make amends against the Isle of Wight Warriors.