Devils Skipper Announced

Devils Skipper Announced

After much consideration by co-promoters Mark Phillips and Laurence Rogers the Plymouth Devils have made a decision over their 2017 team captain .

They are giving the captaincy to Devonian Richard Andrews who has impressed the two promoters with his attitude and commitment to the club. He has previous experience in the role at Eastbourne and is really looking forward to taking on the role, “ When Laurence contacted me to ask if I would be captain I was totally over the moon. It is an honour to be asked and I am really looking forward to leading the Devils.”

“We have some great lads in the team and we all get on really well. I want to help get the best out of them all…as well as myself. I aim to up my average considerably and think the responsibility of being captain will be good for me .”

Team boss Rogers agrees with that , “ I think it will be a good move for him and for us as a club. He will look after the younger riders whilst Steve Boxall, Benji Compton and Lee Smart will be helping with the coaching of them as well.”

“Mark and I have been discussing it for a while and Richie has shown us that he is committed to the club and we think he will do a great job.”