Thanks - To A Pirates Fan And Sponsor

Thanks - To A Pirates Fan And Sponsor

The fund raising for the new Plymouth air fence ,  with sponsored bike ride by three riders Henry Atkins, Saul Bulley and Richard Andrews from Exeter to Plymouth, received a nice boost with a donation from a Poole fan and sponsor!!

Nick Welstead , known as Pirate Nick, long time sponsor of Kyle Newman, has stepped forward with a donation to the air fence fund that is much appreciated by the Plymouth management. Nick runs the UTILITY ADVICE BUREAU IN Poole and is a long-time fan and sponsor. They are independent commercial energy consultants with the range of their services to be found on their website

Plymouth co-promoter Laurence Rogers has known Nick for a fair few years, “ It is a great gesture from Nick to donate towards our new air fence we have had to buy. I have known him quite a while as sponsoring Kyle Newman, who rode for me at Newport when he first started racing. Nick has also supported the USA Dream Team I have been involved with since their inaugural tour in 2005. “

Nick is happy to support the Devils fund raising, “  Naturally with Kyle having ridden for the Devils I have been to the St Boniface Arena on many occasions and love the club and the people down there. I also know Laurence very well and offered my support in this way. I hope it may jog a few more backers to donate to the air fence fund whether by backing the riders doing their bike ride or by donations .”