Teng Tools Added As Associate Sponsors

Teng Tools Added As Associate Sponsors

Whilst, as yet, no team sponsor has been found but with a strong campaign to find one is underway, the PLYMOUTH DEVILS have landed an associate sponsor that will benefit the riders in the team.

TENG TOOLS ,  a great supporter of speedway with tie-ups at several tracks, will be backing the Plymouth riders with special deals for their products .

Colin North from TENG is pleased to be backing the Devils, “ When Laurence Rogers contacted me to thank me for my support of his former team Coventry Storm he told me about his new venture along with Mark Phillips in saving the Devils. “

“He did not ask directly for sponsorship but I think I surprised him by realising he was hinting and that I actually would be down that way a fair few times next year as I have property in Newquay and can call in either on the way or when heading for home . I offered backing for any of his riders and will be glad to continuing our relationship where he has always ensured the riders carry the TENG TOOLS logo . “

Laurence commented, “ It was a bit tongue in cheek when I messaged Colin. I know he helps a lot of riders and clubs but didn’t want to be too cheeky. But he immediately offered his support and I am very grateful for that. We will carry a Teng Tools ad in our programme and put them on our website as an associate sponsor and it will be great to see Colin and his family at the St Boniface Arena when he is down in Devon.”

“ The riders will be gaining from this backing but this is all part of looking after your lads .It helps when negotiating with them when you have that added extra available to them .”